Indian Wedding Planning

​​Planning an Indian Destination Wedding?

Beach Wedding Vows understands the complexity of Indian Weddings and can help you plan the perfect Indian Destination Wedding of your dream. We provide a balance between traditional and modern settings. We can assist you in finding the pandit or babaji, arrange for the baraat procession whether it be a Dhol or a white horse, recommend local Mendhi artists, and even request menu tasting for your special day. Our Indian Wedding Planners have extensive experience planning various Indian Weddings including Sikh, Hindu, Muslim, Ismaili, Fijian and fusion destination weddings. Aside from managing large group itineraries from various gateways, destination excursions, and accommodating any special requests, our wedding planner have extensive experience planning Indian weddings that include incorporating traditional values and customs, various rituals and respective beliefs to ensure a smooth wedding day. 

Beach Wedding Vows have developed exclusive relationships with various resorts and on-site wedding coordinator in Mexico and Jamaica that specialize in Indian Weddings. These resorts meet the growing demand for Indian Weddings including providing quality Indian decor and, best of all, a dedicated Indian Chef onsite. This assures that your special day will not only include Indian traditions and decor but also delicious traditional Indian meals to celebrate your wedding day with your loved ones.